Cindy Irvin is the creator and maker of Our Souls Shine Cinnamon Kale Applesauce.

Our Souls Shine began fundamentally out of love and devotion.  Love for my family, friends and the world.

After my dad was diagnosed with cancer I decided I would dedicate my life to nutrition, yoga and meditation.  After saying my last goodbye to him on my Birthday he died 3 days later.  It was that very same month I enrolled in The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I would learn many invaluable tools that would help me to spread my knowledge to the world to be part of a food revolution in our country and all over the world.

I have always enjoyed preparing and providing healthy whole foods for my family and friends.  When I became pregnant with my daughter Vera I took it to a whole new level.  I removed what little chemicals we had in our home, researched clothing, bedding, just about everything to make environmentally conscious purchases for Vera to thrive and grow to be her  healthiest happiest self.  When it became time for Vera to eat I decided I would be the one making her food.  One of the first foods she had was applesauce made by her mama with love.  Over time and research I came up with what is now the famous “Our Souls Shine Cinnamon Kale Applesauce” made with all organic ingredients.  Vera loved it and four years later still loves it.

From that moment on I started gifting it to friends and clients and served it at every Holiday meal.  Several years later and am selling it within Whole Foods in Cherry Hill NJ, and several other local cafe’s and restaurants.

I am honored to have created a product I believe in 100 percent and am filled with love and gratitude to provide an authentic approach to Health and Wellness.

Cindy Irvin, maker of Our Souls Shine Cinnamon Kale Applesauce, is a peace loving, farmer’s market hopping hippie who lives in Audubon, NJ with her daughter, dog and whole lotta kale. When she’s not cutting a gazillion apples, she takes pride in teaching children  as well as adults, nutrition, yoga and mindfulness.  Cindy is also the Author of Our Souls Shine, a nutrition guide for children.

Cindy has an extensive 25 year background in working with children.  She received her Kid’s Yoga training with Little Flower Yoga at the Princeton Center for Yoga and Health. She has a Holistic Health Coach certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and studied Ayurveda through Kerala Ayurveda Academy.  

Our Souls Shine seeks to optimize your health and wellness. We encourage  clean eating and health and mindfulness of children through our Kids Yoga Program. We also have a published book, Our Souls Shine: A Nutritional Guide for Children.

Our Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching will encourage you to eat clean for optimal health and relationships. Effective health coaches are good listeners, interested in client’s unique stories. We foster self-acceptance and self-respect, pointing out our personal strengths, values and desires. Coaches engage, energize and challenge clients through a positive, non-judgmental focus, while at the same time asking courageous questions. As skilled partners, we help clients become clear about personal goals and an overall vision for life, so they can help design a detailed, attainable plan that successfully moves them toward fulfilling their goals.


With Love and Kindness,